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Best Electric Guitar String for Blues

Are you a guitarist? Do you own an electric guitar? If you play blues on electric guitar, you sure will be concerned about the type of string you use.

Unlike most genre that any string can work for, playing blues comes with a very different requirement. Strings used should be able to give you comfort while playing. This review is designed to help you make the best decision to get the Best Electric Guitar String for Blues with ease.

The criteria for selection, the maintenance tips, and the five of the best you can lay your hands on will be discussed in this review. Read More

Best Passive Pickups for Metalcore

When you hear the word metal in music, what comes to your mind? Energetic playing, aggressiveness in playing, and colossal guitar sound, right? If yes you are right.  For metal, the style span across several methods, but defined by the characteristics mentioned above.

Creating the best music apart from your talent often depend on your guitar pickups. Making an informed decision as a metal player depends on getting the right tools. Hence, in this review, we will be discussing six of the best passive pickups for metalcore.

We will consider the criteria to consider and other important tips that will help you get the best out of your guitar. Read More

Best Electric Guitar String for Metal

Getting the best electric guitar string for metal might sound like an easy task, because of the visual effect since almost all electric guitar string looks similar. Looking past the visuals and seeing the design and functionality, you will be surprised at the level of quality each of these guitars string carries.

Each string has a niche it is dedicated to, so when shopping for the right product, the string type makes the process a little bit tasking. In this review, we will be exploring the best electric guitar string for metal you can lay your hands on. We will discuss important point to place focus on when selecting the product of your choice. Read More