AKG P220 vs AT 2020 (Feature & Quality Comparison)

We’ve compared two of the best microphones in the market. The AKG P220 vs AT 2020 Series. While they both have their strength and weakness, it’s no doubt that one is much better than the other. My conclusion might be a little bit subjective since I am used to one of them than the other, but in the end, I tried to strike a balance, basing my judgment on what is physically and functionally obtainable from these amazing products.

Whatever your choice is, you’re getting one of the best microphone ever made for perfect performance.

AKG P220 Review

AKG Perception 220 Professional Studio Microphone

The first is the AKG P220 microphone, from the AKG 20 series. It is delivered with a hardshell aluminum storage box, microphone, spider shock mount, pop filter, and 20-inch XLR Cable. The microphone is made with all top-quality material that makes it a perfect microphone for all.

You need a microphone for several miking applications like lead vocals, acoustic guitars, and brass equipment, picking the exact sound is important if the performance will be enjoyed. The AKG P220 microphone is designed to pick the right sound and deliver the sound at the right time. As a condenser microphone, it carries a Cardioid polar pattern.

The microphone has a low-cut filter which is pegged at 300 Hz, which makes it easier to get rid or cut all unwanted low end from your main source. It also has a selectable -20 dB pad which makes it possible for the microphone to handle SPLs of up to 155 dB efficiently. Hence, you can place the microphone in front of a variety of music sources and still pick the right sound from each source.

The AKG P220 microphone also reduces noise due to the presence of a pop filter which helps filter unwanted and background noise. It produces nice flats and has an impressive build quality. The rugged and roadworthy design the microphone carries makes it perfect for use wherever you want. No wonder, it is one of the most successful microphones in the Project Studio Line.

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The microphone has an overall length of 165 mm, a diameter of 54mm and overall net weight of 530g. It comes with a 3-pin contact being one of the most popular pins in the microphone industry.

In summary, the KG P220 is a rugged all-metal construction microphone and carry a robust design to help withstand day to day use, you can rumble or footfall thanks to the switchable bass-cut filter, and the switchable attenuation pad helps the delivery of the microphone.

AT 2020 Review

Audio Technica AT 2020 is another high-quality Cardioid condenser studio XLR microphone. Ranked as one of the best Project Studio Line microphones, and it is also suitable for a home studio in the same vein. The microphone offers a standard that beats the expectations of all microphone users, whether for music performance or for gaming.

It offers higher versatility, thanks to its high SPL handling and its wide dynamic range. This fantastic piece also has a custom engineered low mass diaphragm; this help provides an extended frequency response and an excellent transient response. Which ensures the best sound is delivered while making use of this microphone.

Some of the unique features of the microphone include sound source isolation. The cardioid polar pattern of the microphone help reduces the picking up of surrounding noises while performing; this led to improved isolation of desired sound source.

The pivoting and threaded stand mount are made in such a way that they attach to the to each other securely and firmly. Hence, you can be precise and place your microphone easily while performing.

The AT 2020 comes with a fixed chargeback plate and a permanently polarised condenser. It has a frequency response of 20-20,000 Hz. The microphone has an open circuit sensitivity of -37 dB, a dynamic range of 124 dB SPL, an impedance of 100 ohms, and a maximum input sound level of 144 dB SPL all at 1kHz and at 1% T.H.D

The microphone carries a rugged construction, which makes it perfect for durable performance wherever you want, the microphone also offers a wide dynamic range and easily handle high SPL. The microphone makes use of the popular 3-pin XLRM type. It is compatible with all audio interface that has the XLR cable input and other recording programs. All Windows and Mac Operating system can make use of this microphone.

AKG P220 vs AT 2020 (Product Comparison)

The question then arises, which is the best out of the AKG P220 and the AT 2020? Both microphones are perfect both for live and studio performance; they are condenser microphones, they carry the same cardioid polar pattern, and come with an XLR connector.

Yet, there are significant differences in their specifications that make them different from each other. The AKG P220 offers an excellent tonal balance, which is warmer and more detailed. It is also versatile and quieter than other microphones in the same category. It offers sounds that are true to life, and more importantly, it is delivered in a nice case that helps preserve the life of the microphone.

In term of sensitivity, the AKG P220 is more sensitive compared to its AT 2020 counterpart; it picks more sound overall. The -20-dB pad and bass roll off of the AKG P220 microphone beat the AT 2020 which comes with no onboard features. The AT 2020 can only handle an SPL level of 144 dB compared to the AKG P220 of 155 dB.

The AKG P220 is delivered with both a shock mount and a pop filter which makes it easier to use compared to the AT2020 that comes with none of this. Overall, the AKG P220 is a better option and offers more quality compared to the AT 2020 microphone.


In this review, we have explored at length the individual features of the two microphones, their similarities, and differences, and the crucial things to take note of when selecting the best microphone you will be buying. If you love quality and highly sensitive microphone, then I will strongly suggest you go for the AKG P220 microphone.

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