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How To Battle Cracked Voice When Singing

Do you love signing? Have you ever experienced a cracking voice while singing? Singing can be fun and entertaining until you experience a cracked voice. Cracked voice is not the experience you will love to have. It’s definitely an embarrassing moment anyone singing will want to get out of quickly.

Identifying the problem is actually the first step in providing solutions to the situation. There are several reasons why one might experience a cracked voice while singing. Cause apart; we will be discussing in detail how you can battle this situation and enjoy singing with your angelic and undisturbed voice. Read More

10 High Note Hack For Musicians

Are you a musician? Do you love the low or the high notes? You prefer the high note I hear you say. You are not the only one, all singers want to hit better high notes when they are singing. Many musicians are concerned about singing high notes without straining their voice.

You can easily sing high notes even without following the steps we will be discussing, but you’re bound to damage your vocal cord and bring an unexpected end to your chances of ever singing again. I know that’s too much a risk to take, especially for beginners who have a lot of ground to cover. Read More

10 Singing Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Nature’s talent bank is unlimited; that is why we have several individuals with different skills and abilities like singing, playing of musical instruments, art, dancing, and many more. Although all these can be gotten from birth, you need proper training and guidance, tips and tricks as a singer.

As a beginner in music, obstacles are mounted in front of you, and it only takes the proper tutoring and discipline to make you a pro. Beginner singers or vocalists are unique, and they all require lots of training before they become amazing professionals.

Be sure to know that to remain a great singer, you will have to work hard to maintain your voice. Read More

AKG P220 vs AT 2020 (Feature & Quality Comparison)

We’ve compared two of the best microphones in the market. The AKG P220 vs AT 2020 Series. While they both have their strength and weakness, it’s no doubt that one is much better than the other. My conclusion might be a little bit subjective since I am used to one of them than the other, but in the end, I tried to strike a balance, basing my judgment on what is physically and functionally obtainable from these amazing products.

Whatever your choice is, you’re getting one of the best microphone ever made for perfect performance. Read More

Best Guitar For Short Finger (Professional Pick)

Have you ever heard the statement, “All fingers are not equal?” It is one of the popular statements made by humans when passing judgments about things and products. The same also counts when it comes to using the guitar. Guitars come in different varieties, and consideration is also given to finger size in their makings as well.

You are determined to get the best guitar for your next performance. Don’t worry much; this review will be delivering some of the best guitars for short finger you can make use of, the important criteria to consider and the important information for getting the best out of your guitar. Read More

Best Electric Guitar String for Blues

Are you a guitarist? Do you own an electric guitar? If you play blues on electric guitar, you sure will be concerned about the type of string you use.

Unlike most genre that any string can work for, playing blues comes with a very different requirement. Strings used should be able to give you comfort while playing. This review is designed to help you make the best decision to get the Best Electric Guitar String for Blues with ease.

The criteria for selection, the maintenance tips, and the five of the best you can lay your hands on will be discussed in this review. Read More

Best Passive Pickups for Metalcore

When you hear the word metal in music, what comes to your mind? Energetic playing, aggressiveness in playing, and colossal guitar sound, right? If yes you are right.  For metal, the style span across several methods, but defined by the characteristics mentioned above.

Creating the best music apart from your talent often depend on your guitar pickups. Making an informed decision as a metal player depends on getting the right tools. Hence, in this review, we will be discussing six of the best passive pickups for metalcore.

We will consider the criteria to consider and other important tips that will help you get the best out of your guitar. Read More

Best Receiver for Klipsch Reference Speakers

Klipsch is one of the top brands that has excelled in delivering high-quality and legendary sound through speakers, headphones, and home audio since 1946.

Whatever your choice is, whether the top-level home theatre or just the best music speakers, Klipsch has products to suit your taste. Klipsch ability to deliver a stellar sonic punch in small packages, and offering more power than other related products makes them stand out among peers.

In this review, we will be discussing how you can lay hands on the best receiver for Klipsch reference speakers, the tips and criteria to help you get the best out of the product. Follow along as we do justice to these important points. Read More

Best Electric Guitar String for Metal

Getting the best electric guitar string for metal might sound like an easy task, because of the visual effect since almost all electric guitar string looks similar. Looking past the visuals and seeing the design and functionality, you will be surprised at the level of quality each of these guitars string carries.

Each string has a niche it is dedicated to, so when shopping for the right product, the string type makes the process a little bit tasking. In this review, we will be exploring the best electric guitar string for metal you can lay your hands on. We will discuss important point to place focus on when selecting the product of your choice. Read More

Best Budget Microphone For Gaming

It is a known fact that gaming can be fun and interesting when you have the right gadget. Adding several accessories makes it more detailed and enjoyable for the players. One of the accessories needed includes Microphone for gaming. Communication between you and your opponent can be more unique and easier when you have the best microphone.

Game is best enjoyed when you have the right accessories including microphones. However, for many, getting the best budget microphone for gaming can be a very hard and almost impossible task.

Hence, in this article, we will be providing a detailed solution on how to get the very best gaming microphone for your use. Read More