Best Budget Microphone For Gaming

It is a known fact that gaming can be fun and interesting when you have the right gadget. Adding several accessories makes it more detailed and enjoyable for the players. One of the accessories needed includes Microphone for gaming. Communication between you and your opponent can be more unique and easier when you have the best microphone.

Game is best enjoyed when you have the right accessories including microphones. However, for many, getting the best budget microphone for gaming can be a very hard and almost impossible task.

Hence, in this article, we will be providing a detailed solution on how to get the very best gaming microphone for your use.

Criteria for Selecting Budget Microphone for Gaming

Before buying an advertised gaming microphone, you need to consider some important factors that will make the decision-making process easier and straight-forward. Here are some of the important ones:

Budget: Your budget has a large part to play in your decision-making process. Your options are better when you have a robust budget, your chances of getting the best microphone increases.

You need not break the bank to get the best, but save enough to get products that will last you. If for personal usage, a low budget microphone can be the best option.

Microphone type: the options are still numerous; the microphone type has a large part to play when searching for the best budget microphone for gaming. For gaming, you can buy either a USB gaming microphone or a condenser microphone.

For normal gaming, the USB microphone is perfect, but if you need something higher, the condenser mic is up for your grab.

Gaming setting: will you be gaming on your PC either in your bedroom or office? Will you be playing on PS4 or Xbox in your living room? Will it be on the go in your smartphone? Whatever your answer is, it will play a part in your gaming microphone selection process.

Creativity for each section differs so does your choice of designing the gaming area. Versatility is guaranteed with your smartphone or tablet when selecting the bet gaming microphones.

Additive features: individuals have preferences, our choices differ so does our experience. For many, they have certain features they need in their mic. Some need might that can be placed on their tables, some require gaming microphone with features like bass roll-offs, multiple polar pattern switches, gains and volume control on your microphone.

If you love any of these features, it is best to make inquiries about them before completing the purchase of a gaming microphone.

Sound Pick-up, Filtering and Latency: the sensitivity of your mic makes it easier for the mic to pick up sounds, both low and soft voices should be easily picked on a good microphone. However, you won’t appreciate a gaming microphone picking the background noise and voices especially if you don’t have a dedicated section for gaming.

Hence, you should look for gaming microphones that pick up well-modulated voices from around six to eight inches. Latency makes it easier to track your games audio level while still being able to hear your own voice. This will help you enjoy your game without shouting.

5 Best Budget Gaming Microphone In 2019

Aokeo AK-70 Professional Microphone

The Aokeo microphone comes with a suspension scissor arm stand, shock mount, USB sound card, shock mount, and mounting clamp. This is one of the best budget microphones you can get as it is offered at highly discounted prices.

The professional condenser microphone adopts a new audio circuit which assists it in capturing rich and full-bodied sounds from sources directly in front of the mic leaving surrounding noises.

The pop filter of the microphone better enhances communication; this help delivers a clear and audible result. If you want to enhance your gaming experience talking about sound, this is the best option.

USB Microphone FIFINE PC Microphone.

This is another microphone optimized for recording, streaming twitch, gaming, voice over, and all form of microphone communication. The microphone carries a smooth, flat frequency response of 50Hz to 15KHz, with this the microphone can deliver a fuller, round and warm sound which adds fun and enjoyment to gaming.

The ease of plug and play combined with the large diaphragm condenser microphone makes it easier to use the microphone either on Mac or Windows.

The 3.5mm headphone jack makes it easier to listen to your message while recording it, aiding adjustment and communication. With cable up to 6.56 inch, this is an affordable option for all game lovers.

Tonor Gaming PC USB Computer Mic

The Tonor gaming microphone is another top-quality plug and play microphone designed for gaming, chatting, and recording of all sort. It works perfectly for your Windows PC and Mac OS computer. Designed with the best materials available, the microphone carries a long distance Omni pickup pattern making it perfect for both solo and group recording.

The microphone can easily pick sound from a distance without you needing to keep it close to your mouth. The built-in pop filter and metal mesh of the microphone make it easier to cancel any surrounding noise and protect the interference of unwanted noise. It has an elegant gaming design and offered at highly competitive prices.

MAONO AU-A04 USB Computer Microphone

This is another perfect microphone designed for gaming, and recording of all sort. The microphone is designed with a professional sound chipset which enables it to hold high-resolution sampling rate of 192kHz/24bits. The microphone comes with a plug and plays feature, thanks to its 2.0 USB data port which makes it easier to connect to your Windows computer and Mac.

It comes with a pop filter and foam windscreen which makes it easier to record your voice in the absence of any underground noise disturbing the recording. It has a shock mount which helps hold the microphone steady making it perfect for voiceover. A strong bass response can be received, thanks to the microphone 16mm electret condenser transducer.

Klim Voice Gaming USB Desk Microphone

best budget microphone for gaming

The Klim microphone is designed for gaming, this microphone is compatible with all OS be it Windows, or Mac OS. The microphone come with a stand which makes recording easier. The microphone produces great and quality sound which makes gaming more fun. With the audio filter it carries, surrounding and background noise can easily be dealt with.

The operation process is easier since it is a plug and play microphone which does not require any software to install. The material used for the construction of the microphone and made in such a way that they will last for long.

Maintenance tips for your Gaming Microphone

To get the best out of your devices, you really need to take good care of them. The same applies to your gaming microphone if it serves you for a long time. Here are some tips that will help you get the best out of your gaming microphone.

Use a Pop Filter always: if you want to preserve the life of your microphone, you need a pop filter. It is best to get a microphone with one, but if not possible endeavour to buy one. This will prevent filter noise during recording.

Keep in a plastic bag when not in use: you won’t be using the microphone for a very long period of time. Maybe you have an exam, or you’re travelling on holiday. How do you keep your gaming microphone secured till you return?

The chances of meeting your microphone damaged upon return are high. Dust, ants and insect worries, changing temperature are some of the worries you will have upon returning if you leave the mic unattended to. Hence it is advisable to keep it in a plastic bag when you are sure you won’t be using it for a long time.

Keep at a reasonable distance: when gaming, emotion may easily overpower one that one starts to shout without noticing. Keeping the microphone at a distance of at least 6 inches away from your mouth will help prevent plosives from buffeting the capsules.

Otherwise, your microphone is nearing an unexpected ending. A good speaker should be able to pick your voice clearly even from a distance than 6 inches.

Power supply function: Especially for your vacuum tube condenser microphone, it is advisable not to turn on the power supply before connecting the microphone. This will prevent the microphone from being destroyed by the presence of an inappropriate amount of power entering the microphone.

These tips will help preserve the life of your microphone and give you the best value to the money you desire.


Several things add up to deliver the unique gaming experience you crave for. With the best budget microphone for gaming in your hand, you can be sure that your gaming experience will be enhanced.

In this review, we have discussed 5 of the best budget microphones for gaming you can lay your hands on, trust me each of the mics reviewed promised to deliver the best feeling.

The Aokeo AK-70 Professional Studio Live Stream Broadcasting Recording Condenser Microphone is arguably one of the best you can get delivering the best feeling for all game lovers.

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