Best Electric Guitar String for Blues

Are you a guitarist? Do you own an electric guitar? If you play blues on electric guitar, you sure will be concerned about the type of string you use.

Unlike most genre that any string can work for, playing blues comes with a very different requirement. Strings used should be able to give you comfort while playing. This review is designed to help you make the best decision to get the Best Electric Guitar String for Blues with ease.

The criteria for selection, the maintenance tips, and the five of the best you can lay your hands on will be discussed in this review.

Criteria for Selecting Electric Guitar String for Blues

Go into the market and buy your string. Nope, this is not the way to get the right string for your guitar. Such an attitude will result in getting the wrong or sub-standard string for your electric guitar. To get the Best Electric Guitar String for Blues, consider the following;

Gauge: the most important factor to consider when buying your guitar, especially when you play blues. Every genre you play has a unique and dedicated string gauge to help deliver the best sound and tone. A medium gauge string is the most comfortable.

A string gauge of .01-.050 is the best for electric guitar. With the right string gauge on your electric guitar, you are bound to produce the right and best sound. Otherwise, you may sound out of tune or switch genre.

Wound Type: there are three types of winding used for modern guitar strings — the Roundwound, flat-wound, and half-round. Their look differs and so does the result they deliver. Standard electric guitar make use of round-wound as it is the best option available for playing blues; it has a textured surface and bright tone.

Flatwound as the name sound has a flat surface and popular among jazz guitarist. They have a dark and understated tone and difficult to play.

Half-round, on the other hand, is the middle ground between flat and roundwound. A bit hard to play compared to roundwound, definitely a good option for playing.

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Coating: if your guitar string lasts for a long period, it must be coated. On the other hand, the coating has a tendency to cut the high-end response. They are often more expensive than uncoated strings making the decision on which to buy a bit hard. With the right color of coating, your string guitar will definitely look unique.

The string metal: the common string for electric guitar include Nickel-plated steel, Pure Nickel, and Stainless steel. Nickel-plated steel combines warmth and brightness and a strong picking attack. It is the most popular option. Pure nickel is warmer and produces vintage sound. Stainless steel, on the other hand, resist corrosion and least prone to squeaking the finger. It has the best combination of sustain and brightness.

String core: there are two popular ones under this category. The Hex core and the Round core. The modern guitar makes use of Hex core as it produces modern tone compared to the vintage tone produced by the round core. For your electric guitar and to playing consistent sound, Hex core is the best option.

5 Best Electric Guitar String for Blues

DR Strings Pure Blues


This is a pure nickel wrap string suitable for playing blues. It has a round core with a medium gauge (0.010-0.046) making it perfect for playing blues. It is a vintage string which has an increased sustain, vintage tone, and great low tone which make playing rhythm and lead possible.

The old style of construction makes it possible to have a great and interesting time playing on this string. The presence of the extra step of pure winding with pure nickel on the guitar gives it a punch that players are surprised about. Your electric guitar won’t get anything better for blues than this.

Ernie Ball Regular Slinky Nickel Wound Bass Set

This is another great string for blues on electric guitar. It comes with a medium string gauge of .050 – .105 making it perfect for any genre you want to play. It produces a good sound all around, and it is a well-balanced string for your electric guitar.

The string is nickel plated and has a brass wire end ball; this help provides classic and balanced tones. To ensure the set is as fresh as it was when made, it is packed in an ultra-low humidity environment with the Ernie Balls shield packaging.

D’Addario XL Nickel Wound Electric Guitar String

This is a medium gauge string which is perfectly suitable for playing blues. It comes with a round wound and nickel-plated steel which help deliver a long-lasting bright tone and excellent intonation. The D’Addario XL Nickel Wound Electric Guitar String is perfect for electric guitar and all music playing style, no wonder professionals around the world make use of this string.

It carries a high carbon steel core to help deliver the best tone. The strings in the set will remain fresh for an extended period, thanks to the corrosion resistant packaging of the strings.


This is a David Gilour signature series. The strings are nickel plated electric guitar strings. The string features a nitro pack singles which are fresh from the manufacturer, and this help eliminates the effect of oxygen on the strings.

You can be sure of enjoying a brilliant tone and powerful attack when making use of this string. The signature string designed specifically for blues has a string gauge of .010 – .048. The content produced is uniquely fresh at all times making the right option for those playing blues.

The purest materials are used for the manufacturing process in a state of the art and climate-controlled environment.

Dean Markley Blue Steel Electric Guitar String

If playing blues is your work, this string is your better companion. The string comes with a gauge of .010 – .046 making it the perfect medium string for your guitar. The string is made of 8 percent nickel-plated outer wrap.

It carries a hex core string core and frozen to -320-degree Fahrenheit to help tighten molecules and minimize microscopic gaps. The blue steel strings are the best out there as they feel great while playing them, they deliver the right tone, durable and long-lasting. Good enough, the string is offered at a highly affordable price.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I change my strings?

There are no definite answers to the time which you should change your string. Albeit some factors signal at the fact that it is time to change your strings. Your string will often break in you play in a humid tropical climate, often plays heavy, play with lots of bends, etc.

So, it becomes obvious when the time comes to change your string. You may decide to change by month if you play very often, or set a number of hours of playing after which you will change the strings.

How can I extend the life of my strings?

One of the most popular questions asked by guitarist around the world. Well, I should start by saying it is better to get better strings if you want the best string experience. To preserve the life of your string, it is better to wash your hands and wipe them clean before playing blues on your electric guitar.

After playing, it is also good to wipe down your string to keep it clean. Wind your strings properly as this will play a larger part in extending the life of your guitar, if not, your strings will break prematurely.

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Tips to Help You Get the Best Out of Your Strings

These tips will help you professionally get the best out of your strings.

  1. Buy string in bulk: you will often need more strings as long as you keep playing. Buying in bulk will ensure that you get to save more on strings.
  2. Please don’t skimp on strings: for many, they often go the cheaper string leaving the ideal string. It would help if you don’t do that, don’t compromise quality for the price.
  3. Don’t become obsessed with strings: it good to have personal choice, but explore other available strings. Who knows, you may find one better than the ones you have been using. Moreover, how will you advise others if you use just one type of string?
  4. For beginners, pick what is popular: if you are just starting with strings, it is best to pick popular products. When you are experienced enough, you can then start comparing strings.


If you often play blues on your electric guitar, not all strings will do for you. In this review, we have gone through some important criteria to consider when selecting the type of strings; you will be using. Endeavor to consider these points and go for the best at all times.

That is why we have delivered 5 of the best strings for blues you can get for your electric guitar.

Undoubtedly, I would prefer you to go for the D’Addario XL Nickel Wound Electric Guitar String as it offers you more on your string and gives you the best playing experience.

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