Best Guitar For Short Finger (Professional Pick)

Have you ever heard the statement, “All fingers are not equal?” It is one of the popular statements made by humans when passing judgments about things and products. The same also counts when it comes to using the guitar. Guitars come in different varieties, and consideration is also given to finger size in their makings as well.

You are determined to get the best guitar for your next performance. Don’t worry much; this review will be delivering some of the best guitars for short finger you can make use of, the important criteria to consider and the important information for getting the best out of your guitar.

Criteria for selecting Best Guitar for Short Fingers

The guitar comes in various sizes, shapes, and specialty. But for those with short fingers, their choice of guitar is not complicated as many thoughts. But here are some of the things to consider before making a purchase;

Finger Size: obviously, this is the first criteria to consider before hitting the store to make a purchase. What is your finger size? Is it short or long? The length will play a big role in deciding the type of guitar you will be buying.

If you get the wrong product, you might end up not being comfortable while playing. ¾ Guitars are often designed for children, but adults with small fingers can make use of them. Ensure you know the size of the finger before you buy any guitar.

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Construction material: it is important also to consider the construction material of the guitar you will be buying. Will it be able to stand the test of use and time?

Is it safe to play with? Will it deliver the level of sound required? And more importantly, will it satisfy your needs. You can pick guitars made with pure nickel, nickel-plated steel, or stainless-steel strings.

Quality: Yes, the size is essential, but the quality of sound offered is more important. Depending on what you are playing, it is better to critically search for guitar gauges that will suit the genre you wish to play. The size with only make it comfortable for you while playing; the sound quality will help you get the right sound you want for the note you are playing.

String durability: this could probably have come under the construction material, but it is an essential point on its own. A guitar with a bad string will always sound out of tune and completely poor.

For small hands, (which often include children) you need strings that are of high quality. Frequency of use may differ, but the best strings will always remain the best string no matter what.

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Neck size: it is also essential to consider the neck size of the guitar, especially when you have short fingers. This will help you have better playing experience and be more comfortable while playing on the guitar. If the neck size is perfect for you, it will be easier to play for long. Otherwise, playing will become more stringent for you.

5 Best Guitar for Short Fingers

ADM Students Guitar

ADM Student Guitar 1/2 Size 34 Inch Classical Guitar for Age 6-12 Starte

This is a guitar suitable for children with shorthands. It is a ½ size and 34-inch classical guitar that adult with short fingers can also make use of. It comes with a spruce top and basswood back and side, which help it deliver rich and bright sounds.

The tune is made with stainless steel making the guitar come in tune easily. The size makes it comfortable for playing both by adults with small finger and those aged 6-12. It comes with three nylon strings and three steel strings which help protect the finger and perfect for both classical music and jazz.


Loog Mini Acoustic Guitar

Loog Mini Acoustic Guitar for Children and Beginners

this acoustic guitar is perfect for beginners, children, and those with short fingers. The guitar is made with real wood, which helps it bring out the perfect intonation. The classical nylon string and the low string action combine to give birth to the unique guitar experience you need.

It does not carry the complete and full function of high-rated guitars, but it is perfect for people with extremely small hands. And it helps build your play to improve your hold o longer guitars. The guitar comes with a guitar application that gives you everything you need to know about the guitar.

Oscar Schmidt 6 string OG1B

Oscar Schmidt 6 String OG1B 3/4 Size Dreadnought Left Hand Acoustic Guitar. Black

The Oscar Schmidt guitar is a ¾ doughnut sized left-hand acoustic guitar. The guitar comes with a high gloss finish that makes it stand out among other related guitars. This guitar based on its shape is perfect for guitarists with short finger/hands. It has a fully adjustable truss rod.

Spruce is the body material of this guitar, and it has six amazing strings that work perfectly in ensuring you get the best sound delivery always. As long as you use it well, the guitar comes with a lifetime guarantee. Short finger guitarist doesn’t need anything better than this.


Yamaha J2R Junior size acoustic guitar

this fantastic guitar is a 22-inch guitar that is delivered with tuner strings, string winders, picks, instructional DVD, polishing coat, and Austin Bazaar. The guitar comes with a spruce top companion and designed with mahogany both at the back and at the side.

The guitar has a Rosewood and bridge. The guitar comes with a NATO neck. The 6-strings of the guitar is another beautiful feature of the guitar that allows the delivery of high-quality sound. Overall, the guitar makes it easier to play quality sound. And the guitar ranks high as one of the best guitars for short finger.



This is another ¾ Left-hand short scale three tones guitar. The guitar is delivered with all that is needed to start playing, and it includes Guitar Amp, Guitar Bag, straps, instructional video, and cables. It is 3-inch short and 2-inch narrower than the normal guitar.

Apart from being perfect for those with short fingers, it is also ideal for traveling. You can play endlessly for hours and enjoy the beautiful sound delivered by this high-quality guitar. The guitar comes with a dual cutaway shape, which makes it easier to access higher frets, and the guitar comes with a die-cast chrome tuner.

Maintenance Tips For Your Guitar

You can only enjoy your guitar if it serves you for a long period. To make this possible, here are some tips to remember either before or after using the guitar to help preserve its life;

  1. Regularly change the strings: One of the best ways of keeping your guitar alive is by changing the strings frequently. With a bad string, your guitar will completely be out of tone. Depending on how often you play, you might need to change the string weekly, or monthly.
  2. Clean the guitar before and after playing: your guitar will last if you give the necessary care it deserves. One of the best ways of doing this is by cleaning the guitar both before and after making use of the guitar. It is best to buy specialized cleaning tools which are designed solely for cleaning your guitar. Cleaning must include both the strings and the fingerboard/fretboard.
  3. Avoid placing instruments in an excessively hot or cold area: the chances of your guitar and the strings surviving for a long time depends on the temperature of where you keep them. The wooden part of the guitar can contract and expand, and in the long run, result in unpleasant outcomes. The finishing of your guitar can also fade easily with exposure to sunlight. The alignment of the guitar neck will also be affected seriously when the guitar experiences an excessive drop in the surrounding temperature.
  4. Keep your guitar humidified: one other way of extending the lifespan of your guitar is by making use of a humidifier, especially when it is stored in cases. Since dips, bends, and crack can destroy the guitar, it is crucial to keep them humidifier and ensure the right amount of moisture is delivered for the wood in your guitar.
  5. The user manual is essential: every product comes with a user manual that gives you an insight into the product, the vital parts, and the maintenance tip. The useful information in the manual will make it easier to know how best to handle each part of the guitar and the right temperature for the guitar.

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Getting the best guitar for short fingers is what we have discussed in detail in this review. The fact that all fingers are not equal signals that you need to find a guitar the size of your finger to enjoy playing. Other essential criteria for getting the right guitar has also been discussed.

Emphasis was placed on how you can extend the life of your guitar and get the best out of it. Of the products reviewed, the Yamaha J2R Junior size acoustic guitar and the SX RST GUITAR stands out since they have all functions needed for playing both by adults with small hands and young ones.

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