Best Receiver for Klipsch Reference Speakers

Klipsch is one of the top brands that has excelled in delivering high-quality and legendary sound through speakers, headphones, and home audio since 1946.

Whatever your choice is, whether the top-level home theatre or just the best music speakers, Klipsch has products to suit your taste. Klipsch ability to deliver a stellar sonic punch in small packages, and offering more power than other related products makes them stand out among peers.

In this review, we will be discussing how you can lay hands on the best receiver for Klipsch reference speakers, the tips and criteria to help you get the best out of the product. Follow along as we do justice to these important points.

Selecting Receiver For Klipsch Reference Speakers

To help you make the best decision when it comes to buying a receiver for your Klipsch reference speakers, here are some important criteria that you must consider which will help make the process easier:

Design: when selecting the receiver, you will be using for your Klipsch reference speaker, you should and must be concerned about the design of the receiver. Simple designs are often the best as it brings out the beauty of your home and your appliances.

This will also make it easy for the receiver to blend well with other audio equipment in such an easy manner. Simple designs are also easier to set up and operate in most cases. Never miss the chance to make your home look more stylish.

Power Saving Function: how energy efficient is the product you are selecting? This is an important question you must deal with before committing to a receiver for Klipsch reference speaker. Does it automatically enter standby mode when left unused? Can it be set to sleep mode? Up to how many hours does the sleep mode support?

These are some of the critical questions to consider when searching for the best receiver for your Klipsch reference speaker.

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Stations supported: the number of stations the receiver can capture is another important point to think about before purchase. Some receivers support as much as 40 AM and FM stations why many supports less. This mostly depends on your choice, be using ones with a high number of stations is the best option.

Affordability: this does not mean buying the cheapest product which obviously will be the most affordable. But before committing to a product, it is best to consider if it will give you the appropriate monetary value. It may still be expensive, but if it offers the best function you need, then it can be tagged as being affordable. Consider the features of the available options and decide on what to get.

Sound quality: the receiver you select will have a high impact on the quality of sound produced by your Klipsch speaker. In most receivers, the power transformer is placed beside the am circuit as this help reduce power loss and increase the volume output. If you need clear and open sound, you must consider the sound quality before buying the product.

5 Best Receiver for Klipsch Reference Speakers

Pioneer Bluetooth Audio Component Receiver (SX-10AE)

One of the best receivers for Klipsch speaker, the speaker supports Bluetooth wireless technology, and this makes it possible to also play songs from your smartphones and tablets. Beautiful enough, the receiver supports up to 40 stations present both AM and FM.

Quality and lively sound are produced powerfully, coupled with dynamic bass on this receiver. It delivers 100W per channel (6 Ohms), and 45W per channel (8 Ohms). It comes with a sleep timer which helps conserve energy when you are not using the receiver. The receiver AM/FM tuner comes with an automatic tuning feature which makes it easier to find nearby stations.

Pyl e-Upgraded Premium Rack Mount Bluetooth receiver

Best Receiver for Klipsch Reference Speakers

One of the fantastic and beautiful features of this receiver is its support for wireless streaming, thanks to the presence of 2.1 wireless Bluetooth receiver which can connect to all Bluetooth enabled devices. The product is both reliable and durable since it is made with heavy metal and aluminium alloy panel which help protect the gear for a longer number of years.

It connects to other external devices like USB flash, SD memory card reader, and input jack and many more. This makes it the best option for your Klipsch speaker. It also comes with an FM antenna to help you catch as many stations as possible.

Onkyo TX-8020 2 Channel Stereo Receiver

The Onkyo receiver is one of the best receivers you can get for your Klipsch reference speaker. It has five analog audio input and one output which include phono input for turntable connection. The receiver comes with a massive EI transformer which is compatible with DS-A5 Airplay RI Dock for appliances like iPod, iPhone, and iPad.

It also has a wide range of amplifier technology. The tuner feature of the receiver supports up to 40 FM/AM random pre-set. The receiver also has an independent bass, treble, and balanced control. It also comes with an A/B terminal for speakers.

Dms4 Dual Source 4-Zone independent A/B Switch

This one of the few receivers that come with impedance protection, this serve as built-in circuit protection for the receiver. It has 4 channels, and the front mounted master A/B switch makes toggling between sources connected to the speaker easier.

The receiver features high-quality construction; all material used for the construction are all of the high-quality metal cast and carry a simple design that can fit inside cabinets or equipment racks. The removable connector makes it possible to remove the connector and insert new speaker wire.

Bluetooth Audio Adapter for music streaming

This audio receiver does not only work with your Klipsch speaker, but it is also perfect for smartphones, and tablet. This means that you can stream music endlessly on your device easily. This can be attributed to the presence of Bluetooth connector on the receiver.

Good enough, setting up the receiver is not neck wracking as it can be done either with the jack or by pairing the Bluetooth with your device. The wireless range is long, and it supports almost all speaker plug and adapter. It comes with a one-year warranty to assure you of the authenticity of the product.

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Maintenance Tips: Receiver for Klipsch Reference Speakers

If you are interested in preserving the life of your receiver for Klipsch reference speaker, here are some tips that will help you achieve that:

Don’t wrap the cable too tightly: does your receiver come with cables? If yes, then you must ensure these cables are preserved well, or you risk damaging it early.

One of the best ways to achieve this is by ensuring that the cables are not wrapped too tightly at any time. The thin wire in the cable is fragile and can easily break when under severe pressure like wrapping. So, fold wisely as this will preserve the life of your receiver.

Power condition: what is the power condition in your area, is the current perfect or does it fluctuate? Has it been damaging other appliances in your home? If yes, then it is better to plug your receiver to a stabilizer to help improve the power consumption.

When excess current enters your receiver, it might damage it completely, so it is safer to use a stabilizer or current step-down as this will prevent excess current from gaining entry into your receiver. Underpowering the receiver can also damage the receiver.

Visit the professional: what if your receiver develops little fault? Is it advisable to solve the problem yourself? May are multi-talented and feel they can pounce on any device and bring a solution to the problems of the device. But in most cases, such an individual end up destroying their appliances. So, call on professionals to handle the repair and give you the best service achievable.

Clean it regularly: one of the most popular ways to improve the life of your electronic appliances is by keeping it clean at all times. Dust can easily build up on your device making it hard for the device to function perfectly, so ensure you dust the receiver and that it is not located in dust-prone areas. This will prevent dust from limiting the ability and lifespan of your receiver.


Your Klipsch reference speaker will deliver quality sounds when you have the right receiver to provide options for the speaker. In the absence of this, your speaker will become useless.

Hence, we have discussed the best receiver for Klipsch reference speaker you can lay your hands on, the criteria to consider before deciding on which to buy, and the vital maintenance tips that will help preserve the life of the product.

Following the content of this review will help you make the best decision about purchasing receivers. Finally, if you are finding it hard to choose the best product, I suggest you go for the Pioneer Bluetooth Audio Component Receiver which is highly affordable and carry numerous amazing functions.

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