10 High Note Hack For Musicians

Are you a musician? Do you love the low or the high notes? You prefer the high note I hear you say. You are not the only one, all singers want to hit better high notes when they are singing. Many musicians are concerned about singing high notes without straining their voice.

You can easily sing high notes even without following the steps we will be discussing, but you’re bound to damage your vocal cord and bring an unexpected end to your chances of ever singing again. I know that’s too much a risk to take, especially for beginners who have a lot of ground to cover.

If you want to attain high notes easily or want to improve your singing, we will be discussing ten hacks you can make use of to help improve the situation. In this article, all your high note worries will be dealt with accordingly.

Ten Simple Hacks For High Notes

#1. Improve your vocal strength

If you will ever hit that better and high note you want, it starts with building your vocal strength. With a weak voice, you will never be able to hit a high note or even sustain it after hitting the high note. You can take a suitable vocal technique exercise at least 4-5 times every week. Spending 30-60 minute each session will help build your vocal strength.

Search for warm-ups online or create one yourself, this will help to strengthen, warm, and expand the range of your vocal cord. Soon enough, you will hit that high note.

#2. Facial Relaxation

Hitting high notes can be influenced by how relaxed your face is, you may need to open your mouth wide, but not extremely wide. Relaxing your face and mouth will make it easier to reach the higher note. When you stretch and relax well, you can effortlessly reach the higher note you want.

#3. Open mouth wide when singing

You cannot hit a high note when you close your mouth while singing. Instead of gripping your jaw, throat, and muscles while singing, releasing them will make it easier to reach your goal. Opening your mouth wide will make it easier for you to have more sound and flow better. This is a quick hack to hit a higher note.

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#4. Point your chin down

Many are confused by the fact that higher notes are placed higher in musical instruments. The chin and the tongue are not expected to be lifted, although the soft palate in the upper part of your mouth should arch up a bit. When your chin is pointed down when singing high notes, it will be easier for you to reach the notes compared to when they are pointed upward.

#5. Breath

Breath in, breath out. This is not the first time you will hear this phenomenon; your breath has a part to play if you will reach the desired high note. Breathing affects your singing overall; although breathing does not automatically help you reach high notes, it will help soften, clean, and project your voice for high notes.

You can start by practising deep breathing. To do this, place both hands on your diaphragm and breath while standing in a very relaxed position. You don’t need to raise your shoulder to do this, do this more than once to get the desired result.

#6. Practice with higher notes during warm-ups

If you will quickly reach your goal of hitting higher notes while singing, it is best to start practising with higher notes while you are warming up. When your face is relaxed, and your mouth opened to the desired level, start by humming the “mmmm” sound, take note of where the sound resonates in your head. If it is a clean sound, it should be projected forward and resonate in your sinuses either around the nose or your forehead.

The more you practice with high notes during warmups, the easier it will become for you to sustain the high note when you continue singing.

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#7. Stay Hydrated

High notes are achievable if you are in the right condition. One of the easiest hacks to reaching high note is staying hydrated. Water and hydrated snacks will help you help your vocal cord become relaxed and make it easier for you to reach high notes.

Liquid-like alcohol, coffee, and soft drink are not good enough for your quest of hitting high notes. Instead of keeping you hydrated, they drain the remaining water in your body and leave you dehydrated.

#8. Avoid cold liquid/weather

Cold will reduce your ability to hit higher notes; it will wreak havoc on your voice overall. Whatever liquid you wish to take, it is essential to have them in the lukewarm condition to prevent it from damaging your vocal cord. In cold weather, catching flu and cold is easy, avoiding this is a sure hack to hitting high notes.

#9. Practice in a good space

While learning to sing high notes, a good practice space will help you get the desired result quickly. A space with good acoustic will aid your goal of singing high notes without having to stress your voice. With the right amount of echo and reverberation, your voice can be easily complemented and helped to reach the high note you crave for.

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#10. Keep jaw opened, and the tongue down

One of the active ways to help your voice reach higher note as a musician is by keeping your jaw a little bit opened while singing. Closing it will cut your volume and power and limit your chances of reaching higher notes. Both volume and power are needed for reaching high notes.

Pressing your tongue down, especially at the back of the throat is another way to reach high note easily. You must be able to carry each part of the tongue to achieve this, start with practicing the feeling of tongue dropping to help you gain control over the tongue.


Above are ten proven hacks that will help you reach higher notes quicker than you ever thought. As long as you create the right environment and follow the hacks carefully, you will only need little time to become a professional at hitting high notes.

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