How To Battle Cracked Voice When Singing

Do you love signing? Have you ever experienced a cracking voice while singing? Singing can be fun and entertaining until you experience a cracked voice. Cracked voice is not the experience you will love to have. It’s definitely an embarrassing moment anyone singing will want to get out of quickly.

Identifying the problem is actually the first step in providing solutions to the situation. There are several reasons why one might experience a cracked voice while singing. Cause apart; we will be discussing in detail how you can battle this situation and enjoy singing with your angelic and undisturbed voice.

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Why does my voice crack?

Providing solutions to the problem is essential, and that is what this article is based on. But identifying the cause will help know why we have to deal with the monster in the first place.

  • Lack of warmups: when you start singing your vocal cord is tight and firm, with warm-ups, this will help make them flexible. But if you fail to warm up before singing, your voice will definitely crack
  • Lack of control: this often occurs when your voice cannot hold the note you are singing. And when this happens, your voice starts to break.
  • Anxiety: anxiety is another reason why your voice break while singing. Nervousness makes the vocal cord tense up and reduces the control level — this result in cracking of the voice.
  • Excess strain: if you try too hard when singing, this causes stress and strain on the vocal cords. And when this occurs, your voice is bound to break easily. The excess strain does not only make the voice break, but it also damages the vocal cord.

These are just some of the few reasons why your voice break while you are singing. If this affects you, here are some things you can do to improve the situation.

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How to battle cracked voice

You are saddened by this condition, right? Here are some eight steps to take if your voice cracks easily while singing;

#1. Start singing with few scales

Singing should be systematic if it will make sense. To prevent your voice from cracking, it is best to start with musical scales. Scales are musical notes that ascend or descend in pitch. The common scales are based around octaves; these eight notes represent half of a whole step (do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do).

When you sing with scales, you can easily loosen your tight and firm vocal cords. This will result in you gaining control and become more flexible as you sing on.

#2. Do elevator slides

Another option you have to prevent your voice from cracking when singing is the use of elevator slides. Elevator slides is a warm technique that makes it easier to travel from your head voice to your chest voice and back in a very smooth way preventing cracking of your voice.

To achieve this, you will need to start with singing the vowel “e” on a low note and then switch to a siren-like sound as you move higher in your note. Then, you can return to the note you were on before.

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#3. Sing to a playlist

One other way you can prevent your voice from cracking while singing is to sing along to a playlist. One of the best ways to do this is by making a list of four or five favourite songs you listen to and the ones you enjoy. After this, rank the songs according to their difficulty.

The easier songs should come first; then, the tougher ones can after. Singing to a playlist according to your ranking will make it easier to warm your voice. By the time you are on the harder song, your vocal cord at this time will be primed enough for picking the song. They will be both flexible and ready for singing.  

#4. Relax your muscles

It is common for musicians to lift their head up when they sing high notes and bring it down when they are singing low notes. The movement, at a point, become tense and will result in straining your voice and limit the range you can sing on. Hence, when singing, try to relax your neck muscles and the throat if you want to prevent your voice from breaking.

Nervousness result from the tensed condition of the muscles. Releasing it will help you prevent your voice from breaking.

#5. Drink a lot of water

One proven way to improve the battle cracked voice when singing is to drink plenty of water. Water will help ensure your vocal cords well lubricated; this lubrication lessens the stress on your vocal cords, which may be caused either by friction or heat.

Drinking water of 6 – 8 oz glass every day will make the battle easier, also remember to always keep a glass of water with you when singing. It is preferable to take lukewarm water since extremely cold and hot water can affect your voice.

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#6. Take Hydrated snacks

If you want to get rid of your cracking voice while singing, you need to make use of hydrated snacks. Snacks and foods containing water will help lubricate your vocal cords. Fruit and snacks you can explore are watermelons, apples, pears, peaches, grapes, applesauce, etc.

#7. Stop taking alcohol, caffeine, and excess sugar

Foods can have either a positive or negative impact on your voice. If you will be singing, it is best to avoid foods and drinks like milk, juice, coffee, candy, ice cream, etc. You should also avoid taking alcohol and caffeinated beverages, especially on days when you will be performing.

#8. Avoid Yelling and screaming

If you train your voice with yelling and screaming, this will increase your loudness and will result in your vocal cord banging together abnormally when producing sounds. With passing time, your vocal cord will swell up and crack easily.

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These eight methods have been explored by singers over the years to help battle cracked voice while singing. If you also want to improve your condition, it is best also to follow the tips closely. A voice that cracks while singing can be improved if you take progressive steps, if your condition seems to be permanent, keep up with these tips and be sure to see improvement soon.

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