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AKG P220 vs AT 2020 (Feature & Quality Comparison)

We’ve compared two of the best microphones in the market. The AKG P220 vs AT 2020 Series. While they both have their strength and weakness, it’s no doubt that one is much better than the other. My conclusion might be a little bit subjective since I am used to one of them than the other, but in the end, I tried to strike a balance, basing my judgment on what is physically and functionally obtainable from these amazing products.

Whatever your choice is, you’re getting one of the best microphone ever made for perfect performance. Read More

Best Budget Microphone For Gaming

It is a known fact that gaming can be fun and interesting when you have the right gadget. Adding several accessories makes it more detailed and enjoyable for the players. One of the accessories needed includes Microphone for gaming. Communication between you and your opponent can be more unique and easier when you have the best microphone.

Game is best enjoyed when you have the right accessories including microphones. However, for many, getting the best budget microphone for gaming can be a very hard and almost impossible task.

Hence, in this article, we will be providing a detailed solution on how to get the very best gaming microphone for your use. Read More